Yoga socks

We have one of the most active offices I have ever worked at. Marathons, Bike rides, Triathlons, Ragnar races, 3-day Breast Cancer walk - just some of the activities the employees sign up for. We also have a Wellness Committee that comes up with new ideas and as incentives lures us with awesome raffles.

I, the couch potato, have signed up for yoga. Can you imagine, we have one employee, who is the best yoga instructor ever, and she sacrifices her lunch hour twice a week to teach her class. We all love her, she is such a sweetheart, and wow, so flexible, that I am almost embarrassed to participate.
She, however, just cheers you on and you feel so much better and confident after a class.
So, to reciprocate in some way, I knit her some yoga socks.  They are a hit at work, and I could probably take orders. (which I will not).
I found the pattern online on Ravelry and it is a fast and easy pattern, also a great gift for anyone who does yoga.

Here my daughter is modeling them and Gino is photo-bombing as usual. He loves to have his picture taken, or let's say, that he always shows up when it is picture time. Cooper on the other hand will never hold still for a picture, he actually turns away his head.

Anyway, so here are the yoga socks and I am glad that I could reciprocate a little bit for all the time our co-worker takes for us.

Pattern # 153 by Patons
Yarn: Junghans Wolle Freizeit
Needles: 3.5 mm

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