Covered in California

Today we have finally been able to make a payment for daughter's health coverage. She had signed up through Covered California. In November we filled out the application online. It took a few attempts to get everything into the system, choose the physician that we have been seeing for over 10 years (that option took about three attempts) and choose the respective healthplan.
As she has gone back to school and currently is without a job, she is eligible for a tax credit. The confusing thing is that the insurance company has already sent her the ID cards but not an invoice, but we do want to make sure that the January payment is received, so trying to get through by phone with waiting times over 30 minutes, I was able to make the payment of $1 over the phone today.
So, even if the system was slow and there were many glitches, we should be happy to know that everyone now is able to get affordable health insurance in the US.

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