No snow here

Last December we spent the holidays in Germany and enjoyed the winter with snow, and sun.
This year, we stayed at home in San Diego and it was the warmest December in a long time.

On Christmas Eve we took a wonderful walk on Del Mar Beach. The beach was crowded with families (not only the seagulls seen here) who were playing volleyball, making sand castles, etc. Kids were surfing and got to play in the waves, in a water that felt too cold for me, but this way their day would pass by faster in a fun way.

A few days later we met up with good friends who had their RV parked in Dana Point. It was a beautiful day to sit in the sun watching the waves, barbecuing and just enjoying a good glass of wine.

As it got dark, the temperature dropped, of course, but we were prepared, wrapped in blankets and my poncho (more on that in a separate post) and of course the guys had to build a huge fire in the pit.

My friend Nita and I in Dana Point

Stay classy San Diego.

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