Knitting with wine corks

Everyone likes a good bottle of wine every now and then. And if you keep the cork there are so many creative ideas out there to make something crafty:  coasters, wreaths, birdhouses, stamps, pin boards, etc. Oh, one of my friends started Wino Hats, check out her website.

Well, I can tell you that if you need cork to rescue one of your knitting projects, a bottle of wine is never far away at my house.
I was knitting a hat, the pattern is Turn a Square  by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed. This is a great pattern for a knitted gift and my standard hat pattern which I have knitted many of already. This time I was using up some left over light brown yarn. I should have double stranded it, which would have made sense, but I did not think about that, until today's blog entry, duh.
So when I was about 10 rows into the pattern, the stitches were constantly slipping off my dpns (double pointed needles).

My knitting was uneven, and it was a nuisance. So I wanted to prevent the slipping and stick something on the end of the needles. Best solution, when you do not have 8 store-bought needle stoppers at hand, cut up a wine cork into 8 pieces and use them as a needle stopper. It worked great. 

And you can see that the last four rounds are so much more even than the ones below....

In the end the recipient did not notice any difference (a non-knitter of course), he was just happy to get the hat in the color that he had wanted. We opened a bottle of wine and I silently drank to my creative solution.  

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