Knitting charts

If I have a choice between written instructions and knitting from charts, I would choose the chart. It is so much easier for me to read the symbols than the endless string of k1,p2,k3,yo,k3, etc.....
I can see the little box for each stitch and instead of k3, I see three little squares in my chart. It is visually less confusing (to me).
However, I have noticed that many patterns have a certain way of showing the knit and the purl stitches which really confuses me.

Here is an example of a chart as I find it written most of the time. I have to state, however, that I have seen it written this way only in the U.S., comparing it to my German patterns.

The knit stitch is show as a blank square, the purl stitch a black dot. The yarn over (circle) is only added to give the chart an additional symbol in this example. This is not based on any specific pattern.

In most patterns the symbols are describes in this way:

and I wonder, why make it so difficult? Why is it not stated as it is? Either you knit a stitch or you purl a stitch. Patterns can be very complicated some times, especially if they if a specific stitch pattern is used on the wrong side. So, when I read my chart, I would really like to see the symbol for the stitch that is up next. Either knit or purl, so either square or black dot.
Don't confuse me more by placing a square where a purl should be because I am on the other side of my work. Do you see what I mean?

This is the same chart as above the way I would prefer it to be written:

Stating the stitches as they are.
Here the first two stitches on the right side make a garter border = knit in every row.
The even rows (wrong side) are purled, except for the two border stitches. Usually, if there is no specific stitch to make on the even rows (wrong side), you can just leave those rows off the chart and summarize in the beginning of the pattern that the even rows are knit as they appear and yarn overs are purled. For instance, in this case, when you turn your work around to face the wrong side, you see purl stitches, so that means that you will purl that row. Makes sense?

And here I have edited a chart the way I would prefer to read it. (apologies to the designer, I am not criticizing the design at all, I love it.)

I have marked the purl stitches as purl stitches regardless of which side they are on of the work.

Well, to me it makes sense and maybe my brain is wound differently. I just need to get rid of any additional complications as figuring out why I do not knit a stitch when I see a knit symbol, oh right, I am on the wrong side, or am I?

Thank you for listening. :)

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