A Poncho

My Poncho. Yeah. The things I get excited about. I tell ya.

I love ponchos. That must be the 70s girl in me. I had a few skeins leftover from my Iced Cardi and I thought that would be perfect yarn for a poncho. 
I chose Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Pattern. A Very Harlot Poncho.

I was wondering if I should add the fringe, but I think the way the edge has automatically rolled is fine enough. I have been wearing this in the evenings when it cools down here in San Diego. 

And it came to good use at the beach one night.

The pattern was very easy to knit. It is a top down knit in the round. Per instructions you cast on 64 stitches, but you can alter that to widen or tighten the neck opening. I stayed with the instructions. You place a marker on opposing sides and add a yarn over (yo) before and after the markers in every other row. It's as easy as that. I love my finished poncho and it was a great watching-tv-while-you-knit project. I am surprised that there are only 366 projects of this pattern on Ravelry. I would have thought that many more would have knitted this poncho, especially after seeing how many readers follow the Yarn Harlots blog.
My current scarf on the needles has already over 7750 projects on Ravelry. Pretty popular and more on that later.

The yarn, Bernat denim-style, is so soft and cuddly. Very easy to knit, I chose 8.0 mm circular needles and used up 2 skeins, approx 400 yards.
I had bought this yarn initially on a weekend trip to Big Bear with a friend of mine. We were excited to find the LYS Yarn Designers Boutique in Big Bear and spent our Saturday morning yarn shopping. The dogs, Cooper and Walter, had to wait in the car, poor darlings.
After I found the Iced pattern and started the cardigan, I needed more yarn of course and I was happy to find 7 additional skeins through Ravelry, you gotta love that. Then the poncho, and now I have 1.5 left, hmm what to knit with the leftover? A slouchy hat or maybe another Turn-a-square hat. Oh, that reminds me of a topic for a new entry.... see you tomorrow.

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