A Filofax Finchley Tote - in Portrait layout

I am not big on buying or selling on eBay. But once in a while I browse for Filofax or knitting related items. I saw this black Filofax bag and I did not really know what kind it was, but for the starting bid price, I thought it was worth to bid on it. I was the only bidder and won the bag within four days. That was over the Christmas holiday and I was not even checking the status. So after Christmas I saw the winning email and I made my payment. The bag came by mail a few days later and wow, was I surprised.
Here is a review of the Finchley Portrait Tote Bag in black.

I received my package right after New Years and I was surprised at how large the bag was (approx 40cm by 30cm). As I did not know what model I had bid on, I googled some images of Filofax bags and found the link to a UK stationery store (Mayfair). It is a Finchley Tote. With the price listed on that site, I have scored a great find.
Currently, I see that the expandable Finchley bag is advertised as the latest model everywhere, but that is a very different size and shape.
Now inspecting my bag in more detail, I see that it is actually a laptop bag.

Here is a top view of the bag. There are two large pockets on either side of a zippered full length pocket.

To my surprise the back pocket is lined additionally with a pouch and cover flap with two velcro fasteners to store a laptop.

Looking at the front of the bag, you see the Filofax stencil above a zippered pouch. The front has a full length zipped pocket and inside the pouch you have a little organizer: five card slots, one mesh slot, a mesh pouch, three pen loops.

The back of the back also holds a wide pocket, with a concealed magnetic fastener.

It came at a perfect time when I had to carry papers and a laptop around for a few days. Although it was pretty heavy, I know it is a very sturdy bag.

My Regency compact fits perfectly next to my cellphone in the  front pouch. 

The exterior of the bag feels like it is indestructible, made out of thick grained leather type material. The store description says that it is leather, I assume so too.
It is stylish, carries nicely over the shoulder or by the straps as a tote. The stitching is clean and the Finchley style is visible.
Of course, now I am tempted to find a Finchley binder to complete the set. I will be on the look-out.


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    1. Thank you Steve, I will check out that blog.