Weekend Lounging

Is there anything better than relaxing on a weekend afternoon doing your nails and reading blogs? Here I am catching up on the recent Philofaxy Web Finds.

My favorite nail polish at this time is Nuance by Salma Hayek. I had already posted about the perfect red, which is Nuance's "My Favorite".
Today I am wearing the color "Midnight Blackberry" on my pinkie finger and ""Vapor" on the others. 
I also bought "Prickly Pear" which is a green and it looked great combined with Vapor (green on my pinkie - that is my new thing).

Prickly Pear, My Favorite, Midnight Raspberry, Vapor

This weekend I was too lazy to cook. Sometimes, I cook and bake all weekend, but it has been too hot these days to stand in the kitchen too long.
My solution to enjoy this lazy time:

Grilled chicken breast, spiced with Montreal chicken seasoning, steamed corn and potatoes and a few hard boiled eggs. 
We can create easy salads, sandwiches or add some cooked pasta - nothing big and difficult. 
As you can see my cutting board is a bit messy but we had just made some salad with the chicken when I thought, wait I need to take a picture. So there. 

The remainder of the weekend is spent knitting, reading, watching football, walking the dogs and lounging. Perfect.

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