Sunset walk

I love walking along the beach at low tide. I walk as far to the edge of the waves and step into the little  ripples in the sand. And I feel like I am walking on the bottom of the ocean. Which I am, right? 
Have you listened to this song? Blue Ocean Floor/Justing Timberlake? I like.

Sunday the low tide at Del Mar was pretty late in the day, at 5pm. The sun was setting and throwing a nice pink hue onto the cliffs. I took this picture of my shadow thrown towards the east. The sun behind me was moving pretty fast, but just a few moments later it was completely covered by the incoming fog. Amazing how fast the lighting changes.

Not many people around to scare off the sand pipers who poke around in the mud at low tide. Usually I am pretty lucky in finding the perfect round pebble or a beautiful seashell, but nothing there this time. 

I walked back up towards the train tracks and 15th street to get a better view of the sunset from above the beach on top of the cliffs. 

My favorite shot which I actually took with my phone shows two people and a dog on their evening walk. It has a calming effect, don't you think?

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