September 3, 2013 
"This is a great day to get things in order - the cosmos is encouraging you to make your life more organized so you have more time and energy for both work and play. You will find that your mental acuity for categorizing and arranging is greatly enhanced right now, so take advantage of the situation. If you can spend even a few hours streamlining bills, paperwork,and whatever else has become messy, you will feel so much better - and it will give you extra time and space to do whatever you want or need to do."

Can my horoscope today be any more on the dot? Because that is exactly what is going to happen when I get home. My shipment has arrived and it contains the Filofax Compact Regency and the Doodle. Ah yes, more FF binders, what can I say.
It seems it was just in the month of June that I was happy with the set-up of my personal Siena. Which I am, but it is a heavy binder to carry around every day. So I am hoping that the Regency, which was on sale at 60% at FilofaxUSA and which I ordered in brown (to partner with my Siena),.... that it will be my daily companion. I have lots of ideas for its internal structure and I will be posting as I set it up.
Exciting times, that only a few can understand.

Note to myself: acuity: sharpness; acuteness; keenness: acuity of vision ; acuity of mind

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