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At a recent Philofaxy Meet-up in Pasadena (which I have not written about yet, but will do eventually) I had a chance to look at and feel a compact Filofax. The model was the Holborn and I really liked the idea of the "compact" size.

I have been toying with the idea to downsize the contents of my handbag as it is getting heavier every day and the Personal Siena that I carry with me all the time is adding to its weight. So, the idea of changing the daily haul to a Compact planner was born.

A message announcing a 3-day planner sale (60% off selected) of course made me curious. Not intending to purchase anything (don't we all say that, ha ha) I browsed the compact planners and the Regency was on sale for $76, that I could not resist. I chose the brown model to go with the Siena.

Zoe has a wonderful detailed post about the Regency here. Mine lies flat out of the box too and the rings are working great. The leather is nice and soft and it smells so good.
I will show you how I have set up mine for now.

This will be my go-along everywhere planner. On the left side, I keep my coupons in the slip pocket and my insurance cards in the card pockets. Behind those in the inner slip pocket I have a few pictures and other mementos.

I am using the diary that came with the planner, WO2P in creme. I actually like this set up and I have added a blank note page between each week page. More on that in another post. To keep it simple and light I have only three tabs on the top (stickers found at the Container Store long time ago).

In the back, I keep other membership cards in the inner slip pocket and stamps, address stickers in the outer full length slip pocket.
The pen loop which has an elastic part, holds my fat Parker which is a multi-functional pen (black and red pen plus 0.7 pencil). And on closing the binder, the pen does not get in the way.

My regular debit and credit card as well as my ID are carried in my phone case. It is so much easier to jump out of the car and grab some groceries with only the phone in my hand.

And that is all for now. I will try it for a few days and then report on the diary and notes set-up, and how it works for me now.
The Siena is not retired, it is holding all my detailed notes and information and is kept at home for reference for the time being.

This weekend all my Filos and inserts and pens were spread on the dining room table as I was trying to figure out the best system for me. My daughter asked, what I was doing, and I responded, I am playing with my planners. (insert smilie here)

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