Let's start with the Doodler

They are here. And I don't know what to do first. Unpack, maybe?

I have so many ideas for both binders. It will keep me busy this weekend, nothing else is planned but setting up my planners.

I will start with the Filofax Doodle. There is already a very nice detailed review of the planner on Philofaxy by Christa, so no need for me to repeat that. Mine came in the same package and contains the same inserts and the spirograph. (Didn't we doodlers all have one in the 70s?)

I will not be able to doodle on my Doodle for some time. I always have a hard time to write on a new blank page, afraid of smearing or misspelling, especially in a new journal. So this is even worse, as it is the cover of the Filofax.
And which pen to use? My favorite is the Pilot Precise V5 RT in black. I have to try it out on the sample.
I think Filofax has really hit the spot here with this compact planner, at least for me, a doodle-crazy, planner-crazy, journal collector, pen-crazy person.

Actually, it is not going to be a 'planner' per se (don't you hate it when people use that word?), but a little treasure box for my drawings. I draw everywhere, at work during meetings, on post-its while I am on the phone, when I am deep in thought (makes me concentrate so much better) and while I am drawing, I actually don't know what the result will be because I have not been paying attention to the drawing but rather to the conversation or meeting or thought. And that is the true doodle.

The ones I like, I cut out and stick them in an envelope. Now I will stick them in my "Doodler".

Update to follow after my set-up is done.

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