Inside the Filofax Regency

I ordered the Personal Regency Compact in brown with the 2014 diary. By default the insert is WO2P in creme. Inside the package a 2013 diary was also included, loosely tied with a rubber band. That works great as we still have 4 months to go. I had added another diary style to my order, which is WPP with notes. 
I do not like it at all, as it is multi-language which takes up lots of space in the already smaller daily box and the paper is so thin, that the reverse side shines through on your Notes page, which bothers me tremendously. So it is up for grabs if anyone would like to have it. 
The creme quality paper is much thicker and nice to write on. 

So, the first section in my Regency now, marked as "Schedule", is the creme colored diary, each week page followed by a blank lined note page. I have read this suggestion on another blog site. The daily boxes are not lined and actually large enough and fortunately not overprinted with multi-language text. But for other notes, ideas, tasks I have the note page on the opposite side.

Steve at Philofaxy  had posted a link to the Bullet Journal site and I really appreciate its simple structure which I will try to apply to my note taking. I will add categories in form of icons. I came up with a few that make sense to me and I may improve them as I go on. (I wrote down these notes below in my Siena, hence the golden rings.)

Important notes can then be transferred to my FF Siena at home which is already divided into most of the categories.
I can move the Notes pages to the next week if there is still space to write on and tasks or notes that I want to carry over to the next. I will not be going as far as the indexing or cataloging, but in general I like the concept very much.

My next tab is "Expenses". Here I keep a list of all monthly payments to be made as I am quite forgetful in regard to that and I can see on a small excel sheet all due dates of our payments. Followed by a my balance book which I write on blank quad paper. 

The third and last section "Notes" holds mostly information that I like to have on hand and some extra blank sheets. This way I am carrying a light planner that I can use as large wallet anytime. The set-up is basic and simple and I will see how it works for me.


  1. Love your set up, and that you use the bullet system, I too have thought about implementing that. I just cant seem to pry myself from the FC inserts lol. I see you have a Siena, you are so lucky...if you ever want to sell it, please consider me lol. Great post! :)

  2. Katerina, thanks, this is working for me very nicely. Ahh, yes, I love my Siena and don't think I want to part from it for a long time, but you were first to ask, so I will make a note. Thank you for commenting.