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Filofax Update
I still love my personal Siena. The leather is beautiful and I know it will turn into a wonderful aged look with time. It still has that wonderful real leather smell to it and I do take in that smell every now and then and enjoy it.

The last time I mentioned my Filofax on my blog was last year in March. And I have not changed anything in the Filofax set-up since then. However, I suddenly felt the urge to update my project tabs, right now, immediately. A fast solution for me:

I had a few left-over divider tabs at the office that were not a complete set anymore and would not be used by anyone.

So I took my little size template that I carry in the back of my Filofax and drew the outline of the personal size page on the divider pages, cut them out and hole punched them.

With a label maker set to font size 1 I wrote my divider subjects. I cut them to size of the plastic divider sleeves and shoved them into the sleeve which I prefer to adhering them to the tab.

So this is a fast fix for me. Over time I had noticed that these are the most dominant subjects: WORDS (quotes, books, poems, etc), YARN (anything knitting related), TRAVEL (hotels, restaurants, anything food related), HOME (measurements, improvement ideas, etc) and WORK (conf call numbers, other information that I need to have with me all the time).

I  love how I find solutions for my ideas fast. Let's see how long this set-up will last.

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