The "in-between-projects" Project

I have finished the Azzu's Shawl a few days ago. And I will write about that in a later post as I have not blocked it or taken any pictures of it yet.
But now I am in between projects. I like this neither here nor there moment. I am still thinking about the finished object, how satisfied I am with it, how it will look great after it has been blocked and what I could wear it with. I fondle it and try it on, throw it over an outfit and ponder about its possibilities. Then after a while I eye my yarn stash and start to think about the next project. What would I like to knit next? Which yarn should I use? What projects have I saved on Ravelry? (This is where most of the time is spent - on Ravelry!)  It is a long process and an enjoyable one. It usually takes me a few days to decide, change my mind, choose again and so on. But I can't rest during this decision making, no. I still have to knit something and that would be the "in-between-projects" blanket.

My log-cabin blanket. I love it, it is my comfort zone, always fun to knit and it will be a never ending project, I'm afraid. It has grown over time, it almost covers me completely, but I still have lots of leftover yarn that I can use here. So, Queen-size could be the result.

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