Our Photo Albums

Before digital photography, we used to take many photographs with an old Canon camera and Kodak film rolls. After impatiently waiting for the development, we would pick up the envelopes with the pictures a few days later from a drugstore and then go through them with a sort of excitement, curious to see how they had developed, did we have good shots, or were there a few that needed to be thrown out. The envelopes were marked with dates and events, the negatives were filed by date. The best photos were glued into an album.

It is these albums that we started over 40 years ago and they have accompanied us through thick and thin, followed us over three continents and were even evacuated during the wildfire season in the car trunk.
Every now and then we will take one and look at pictures of let's say 'Summer Vacation 1985' and laugh at the hair styles, the clothes we wore and enjoy memories of friends and family.
Today was one of those days. Mona always loves to look at the pictures and Tommy's 32nd birthday was a good occasion. She photographed from the photographs with her iPhone and made a collage that she posted on her Facebook page and sent him birthday wishes all the way to Germany. We miss him. But with today's technology we still feel close.
Here is to my oldest. Happy Birthday. I am so proud of you. You are a wonderful son and an exceptional big brother.

PS: with today's digital photography, although it is so much easier, we are having a hard time to keep up the albums. We need to stay on track with it, so we can continue the history of our family. :-)

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