Change - ugghh

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” 
― Marilyn Monroe

The saying goes change is good. But I am a creature of habit and do not like change at all. Interestingly my whole  life has been about change and the more I think about it, the more I agree that change keeps me on my toes. But I do not necessarily have to like it. Today I am looking at my online habits. Too many things that I am using every day are changing on me.

1. iGoogle. This has been my homepage quite some time now. I had my newsfeed, my email accounts and my socialfeeds all in one place. I could rearrange, add tabs and customize the template any way I liked. Many options and lots of fun webparts were available. Unlike MyYahoo Page, where the selection of feeds is minimal. Unfortunately Google will be shutting down iGoogle. I assume they are not making any money off it, as it does not have any advertisement hogging your page (MyYahoo on the other hand does). So, of course I check on other options. Search for "iGoogle replacement" and you will find a lot of talk about it and plenty reviews of alternatives. So I have tried a few myself. I think the one closest to the look and feel of iGoogle is It imported my settings from iGoogle and is customizable in a similar way. Others I looked at are Nollr,, Iguzu,, Netvibes, Protopage. They probably all have great options but I am too lazy to start from scratch.
And here I surprise myself, I think I will start my homepage with NOTHING. I have been using Chrome as a browser and added the extension 'Awesome New Tab Page' where I can customize thumbnails with my most visited sites, which would be Facebook, Amazon, Ravelry, Yahoo. It does look a lot like Windows 8 squares.
My other option is going away from Chrome back to Firefox. I read about an add-on called 'My morning coffee' which has been around a while, doesn't hurt to check it out. Also, there is an extension called 'Desktop' which can be added and you can customize your new tab with widgets of your favorite sites. Similar to Chrome's New Tab. Maybe I will stay with Firefox for a while as Chrome does not play the Instant Videos from Amazon Prime accounts. Too bad, something about the Flash Player. Have not been able to figure that out.

2. Google Reader. My RSS feed is closing down, too. Seems Google is just thinking money, money..... Here I had bookmarked all of my favorite blogs, mostly knitting blogs (boring for most people) and some news feeds, tech feeds, funny blogs, etc. It was easy to scan the updated ones. And here we go again, I start searching for replacements. I am trying out Feedly and Old Reader. Still have not decided which to use. Old Reader has the similar feel of the Google Reader. Both imported my feeds without any issues.

I have been looking into all the above for a few months now and I am not sure yet, which ones are in my comfort zone. It's not that important, it was just something I was so used to, and now I have to get used to something new.

The other area of change that is difficult for me to getting used to is in the cosmetics department.

1. Revlon discontinued my favorite lipstick of all times. Revlon Colorstay Soft & Smooth, my color Fabulous Fig. The only one that stays creamy and not sticky for hours. And a great color that goes with reds, pinks and purples. I can't find a replacement.

2. L'Oreal Lashout Mascara. The best mascara at an affordable price. Next to an Estee Lauder mascara I had once, but that is over $20. Have not found one I like yet.

As I say, change is keeping me on my toes. Maybe this is all good and I will find a solution/replacement that is even better than before.

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