A Day in Pacific Grove

During my last stay in Monterey I had a Friday to myself. After the cat-who-adopted-us stared at me for a while to get out of bed,

I was in no hurry and enjoyed my hot sweet tea and Lavash bread, butter and goat-cheese and waited for the fog to lift and the sun to come out. Then I turned on the GPS on my phone and off I went to explore the neighborhood on foot. The weather was amazing, the sun was shining but it was not too hot to walk, a sea breeze kept me comfortable. I was wearing my Tumbleweed Shawl a perfect little accessory. I walked along narrow streets and admired beautiful front yards, cozy cottages and cute little stores. Among others I saw this little store "Charmios" with a stable type door, also called Dutch Door, I think. The top half was open and I peered inside. The owner, a young lady, asked me to step inside, she had just opened her business the day before. I asked her if she knew of a yarn store in Pacific Grove, which she did not, but we started talking and she told me all about her business which started on Etsy. Baking, Craft and Party Supplies, Charmios.com. Check out her site.
A few doors down is a bakery, Pavels Baeckerei.  Oh, the bread looked so good and so did the bear-claw, one of my favorites. I will definitely buy breakfast there on my next visit.
I bought a very cute birthday card in a nice old-fashioned stationery store next door, but still had not found a yarn store.

In a thrift shop

 (where I spent a dollar on three paperbacks) the lady told me about Monarch Knitting and gave me directions. But first it was lunch time. There was this colorful "OPEN" sign that lured me into Peppers Mexicali Cafe . Such a nice surprise. Must be a local favorite, it was busy, but service was friendly and the fish tacos I had were so tasty.

Finally, I found Monarch Knitting.

Under new ownership their opening day was on Saturday. Looking through the windows it seems like a nice large and bright store. Many, many shelves stocked with yarn. Too bad I missed the Opening Day. Also on my list for the next visit.

Now I just needed to walk on a few blocks to reach the ocean. I came out at "Lovers Point" and enjoyed the view. I had a wonderful day.

A little curious friend

I just love Monterey and the surrounding areas. One day I will live there, I am sure.

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