“Maybe I needed to make like a potato, winnow myself down, be part of something that was not easy, just simple.” 
― Julie PowellJulie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen

Well, I wish I could say there was something to write about. Or to show a finished knitting object, well no. Nothing to report, until this happened: 
Can you see the end of the thread on the left? I ran out of yarn on my "Winnowing" shawl. I had the feeling I would, although my yarn should have been sufficient. I had two 100 gr balls of Regia 4-ply (more than 800m). And about less than 100 stitches were left. I put the project aside to calm my nerves and started a new one. (later about that). 

Then, after a few days I looked for the yarn on-line, which had been discontinued, of course, story of my life. A bunch of Ravelry members owned the yarn, but they were not in my needed color or were not for sale or trade. Then I found Coveted Yarn, they had the yarn in 50gr skeins. Perfect. I received my order in a matter of days. Thank you so much. So, now I am about to finish my project, which I could present one day on my blog.

Winnowing gefiel mir auf Anhieb und ich habe ihn mit einem anthrazit farbenen Regia 4-faedig angeschlagen. Zwei 100gr Knaeule muessten ja reichen, dachte ich, aber leider doch nicht, denn ca. 100 Maschen vor Schluss ging mein Garn zu Ende. Nachdem ich Dampf abgelassen hatte und den Schal fuer ein paar Tage ignorierte, habe ich dann im Internet gesucht, und auch ein anthrazit farbenes 50gr Kaeuel bei Coveted Yarn gefunden. Hurra, die Freude war gross, und nun befinden wir uns im Endspurt.

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