So it's the new year

Do you know that feeling where you have a ton of things you want to get done but you only have the weekend? I have a long list of things that I want to do but I do not know when I can squeeze everything into my free time. (dang work) And these are not the usual Housekeeping tasks, but hobbies, that I enjoy doing.
I have four or five knitting projects that I want to finish.
I want to use my new acrylic paint box I bought in Germany (yeah, I was in Germany over X-Mas)
I want to write and sketch in my diary
Several books I want to read
Sort out all the photos we took in Germany
I want to paint and style my master bathroom ("master" really? - it is so tiny)
I want to set up or redo my Filofax
And of course, update my blog.

Do I need to make a list again? Prioritizing fun stuff? I don't think so. Then again I start doing this a bit, (knitting one row) then grab the other (my Filofax needs decluttering) and in the end I have not done anything creative at all.
How do I get all my ducks in a row?

Here is my new piece of inspiration for my bathroom (unfortunately it costs over $80 at HomeGoods) but I can take those colors and run....

2013, here I come.


  1. Fun stuff should happen with a feeling. When inspiration strikes, the muse tells us what to do. Enjoy that wonderful list of "to dos"

  2. Thank you Margene, that is exactly what I need to wait for. For the muse to strike. There are so many wonderful options and I will know when the time is right.