Wanna Beanie

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” 
― Rumi

It is so unfortunate to hear that another young person is going through surgery and chemo. He is my son's best friend from high school and I was so sad when I heard about it. He has gone through his first surgery and I just hope that he will be fine. What else could I do than send him healing wishes, donate to a website set up for him and knit something. I choose a hat, the Turn a Square hat designed by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed. What a great and easy design. I did not knit any stripes, but kept it plain. And as my yarn was not thick enough, I used double strands of two different colors. I really like the result, so does Mona, and therefore, I have cast on the second one. It is a fast knit, and I plan on making one for my son too. I have enough yarn for four hats.

Hier ist ein einfacher und schneller Hut gestrickt. Gerade richtig fuer die kalte Jahreszeit. Ich habe den zweiten angeschlagen. Der erste ist in der Post, begleitet von heilenden Wuenschen fuer die baldige Genesung eines jungen Freundes, der an Krebs erkrankt ist. Es bricht mir das Herz, aber ich habe Hoffnung, dass er alles gut ueberstehen wird, da er so eine positive Einstellung hat und mit Lebensfreude nur so sprudelt.

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