Universal balance is restored

“When people say "it's always the last place you look". Of course it is. Why would you keep looking after you've found it?” 
― Billy Connolly

The moment I lost my knitting bag, I was devastated. It contained an almost finished shawl which I was knitting for Mona's friend. She was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 4. Scary shit at this young age. Mona said, please knit her something, it always seems to help. So I cast on the Giselle cowl with a purple/pink Filigran, by Zitron, I had bought in San Diego.
So, losing this bag was such a bad omen, I was so sad. I just could not remember where I could have lost it and I asked around everywhere. Even neighbors, our condo office, the landscapers, coworkers. But it was gone.
Quickly I cast on some gloves with a blue sock yarn from my stash just to restore the balance. ... to have some knitting going for this friend. But that did not have the same feeling. For two weeks I was so down......

Until the day that I found it. Tucked away in another little plastic bag that I put next to my bed (it contained some early X-Mas gifts and I was hiding them there and it was too early to deal with that stuff, anyway). So my project had always been close by, just waiting for me to pick it up and continue knitting. Finding it was the most joyful moment. I was dancing around the bedroom and called Mona to tell her. She was so relieved too. "The day you lost the bag, her blood count had gone so low that they could not do chemo. But I did not tell you because you would have freaked out even more." I sure would have. But I am certain, that she will be feeling so much better now. The cowl is done and Mona is bringing it to her today.

Giselle cowl in front, glove project in back

Ich habe schon oefter etwas verlegt und dann nach ein paar Stunden wieder gefunden und das hektische Suchen war vorbei. Aber als ich meinen Strickbeutel verlor, das fuehlte sich an wie ein grosser Verlust. Ich hatte einen Roehrenschal fast fertig gestrickt gehabt, der als Geschenk fuer Mona's Freundin gedacht war. Man hat bei ihr Brustkrebs festgestellt, was ja fuerchterlich ist fuer so ein junges Maedchen. Mona meinte, meine Strickprojekte haben bisher allen Kranken gut geholfen und ich sollte ihr doch den Giselle Schal stricken. Natuerlich fand ich diese Idee auch toll und mit dem einen Strang Filigran von Zitron in lila/rosa habe ich sofort das Projekt angeschlagen. Als der Beutel weg war, dachte ich das war ein schlechtes Omen und mit einer inneren Unruhe fing ich ein paar fingerlose Handschuhe an, nur um etwas fuer sie zu stricken. Er ist aber nach 2 Wochen wieder aufgetaucht (war verstaut in einer anderen Tuete mit Weihnachtsgeschenke, die ich neben meinem Bett versteckt hatte). Ich habe mich riesig gefreut, jetzt war das Universale Gleichgewicht wieder hergestellt. 

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