A huggable Teddy

“Lucy was using my blanket to dry the dishes... We now have very secure dishes!” 
― Charles M. SchulzThe Complete Peanuts, Vol. 7: 1963-1964 

When I went through my old stash of printed patterns, I found an old one for a knitted teddy bear. It's been in my binder for 30 years now. Originally it was included in a box of Milupa baby cereal and I knitted one for my son when he was born. I felt like making another one, I had lots of leftover yarn and it was an easy fast pattern to knit. Also, a coworker of mine and his wife are expecting in December, so I thought that this would be a nice present. In the meantime I have received their baby shower invitation and have also heard lots of stories by the soon-to-be Dad about what the expectant mom is all planning for their baby girl. They are registered at Pottery Barn Kids and that kind of gave me the feeling that teddy would not be very much appreciated.  So this teddy is going to be a present for my daughter. No, she is not a small kid anymore, she is 25, but she deserves one too. She went on her first trip to Europe on her own and the two weeks that she has been gone felt like two months. Mom and the zoo will be so happy to have her back tomorrow.

The written instructions are very basic without any additional explanation (as many German knitting instructions are). I decided to make a girl teddy and added an apron and a headband, embellished with a crocheted flower. I wish I had made a skirt. Maybe I will adjust.

Her eyes are little round buttons, nose was stitched with brown yarn, and the red button is in place of her heart. Kind of a care bear. She will be propped against the pillow of Mona's bed and welcome her home with a nice card. I hope she likes teddy, I know she will appreciate the effort, although she might think of her being too tacky with the flower and such. But that's ok.

Diese alte Anleitung von vor 30 Jahren habe ich in meinem Papierhaufen gefunden. Ja, den Teddy hatte ich fuer meinen Sohn gestrickt und da er damals einfach war und ich das gut hingekriegt hatte, dachte ich, noch ein Teddy schadet nix. Also, bekommt die Tochter einen. Sie ist schon 25, aber was solls. Nach einer 2-woechigen Reise in Europa, bin ich so froh, sie wieder zuhause zu haben, dass sie die kleine Teddy-Dame wohl verdient hat und ich Spass dabei hatte und mir die Zeit mit dem Stricken vertrieb.

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