9-week progress on Cooper

For a week now, we have been walking Cooper on his regular leash. What a difference it makes to both of us. We are enjoying our walks again. There is no tugging and rushing into the bushes, me attached. No peeing on his harness, as it seems to cover his male parts all the time. And we are just both so much happier on a longer leash both ways.

Cooper had his post-surgery x-rays and the vet was very impressed on how good and how soon he is able to walk almost normally. As our vet was not the surgeon he has forwarded the graphs to the surgeon who performed the surgery on Cooper and his report was good too. All is healing well. He does favor one leg to the other, albeit changing sides every now and then. Today I noticed that he was placing his left leg a bit outward, his right one straighter. Some times it is the other way around. Maybe he is changing pressure to different sides.

And here they both go. Cooper and Gino. Half-brothers all the way. Walking side by side, sniffing the same shrub and marking it one after another, too. (it's almost as if they are waiting in line for their turn, pretty funny to watch).

I guess we are a happy dog family again.

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