Planning for a quiche

“More health tips: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Get plenty of rest. And learn to duck.” 
― Charles M. SchulzThe Complete Peanuts, Vol. 16: 1981-1982

Many bloggers enjoy fresh produce from a CSA and after reading their entries and looking at the beautiful pictures of ripe tomatoes, squash, radishes and strawberries, I was so jealous and wished I could participate somewhere too.
As I mentioned before, through our company in cooperation with the company next door, we were able to sign up to a subscription and the first delivery is tomorrow.

I was so excited when farmer Phil came to our offices and introduced the program. He brought along a whole basket full of the freshest vegetables and fruits and explained the CSA program. CSA stands for 'Community Supported Agriculture' (most of the bloggers I follow will know) and his farm is located in the Inland Empire and is a certified organic farm.
We signed up for a bi-weekly delivery, I am going with the small basket, as it is just two of us at home.

Tonight I was pro-active and prepared the dough for a quiche. The recipe was a simple pie crust, I chose Martha's Pate Brisee which I found via Smitten Kitchen, my most favorite site to look up any recipe.
Dough is cooling in the fridge and it will be ready for tomorrow's use. I am certain that I will have many fresh ingredients to choose from for a wonderful light quiche. Their website lists following produce in this week's box: Apples, beets, garlic, kale, leeks, onions, oranges, passion fruit, rosemary, summersquash, tomatoes.......

Unser Bio-Abonnement ist bestaetigt. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass die erste Lieferung, die morgen erfolgt, Zutaten fuer eine Quiche haben wird.
Ich habe deshalb heute Abend schon den Teig fuer die Quiche gemacht. Das Rezept (siehe web-Link oben) ist ein Martha Stewart Rezept und sehr einfach, ich kopiere hier auf deutsch:

2 1/2 Tassen Mehl
1 TL Salz
1 TL Zucker
1 Tasse kalte Butter (gestueckelt)
1/4 - 1/2 Eiswasser

Mehl, Salz und Zucker in einer Schuessel vermischen, Butter hinzufuegen und mit Mixer mischen bis es eine kruemelige Masse ist. Weiter mixen und das Eiswasser langsam hinzufuegen bis der Teig bindet. Nicht ueber 30 Sekunden bearbeiten (das ist die Uebersetzung.)
Ich habe, nachdem das Wasser hinzugefuegt wurde, den Teig dann per Hand geknetet, bis er in eine Kugel geformt werden konnte.
Danach den Teig abdecken und ca 1 Stunde kuehl ruhen lassen.

Ich bin gespannt.

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