Grateful for that yoga mat

We may have yoga mats, but that does not mean that we do yoga. Luckily the mats can be used in different ways.

Here the mat is used to prevent Coops from slipping on the tiles and he knows that it is laid out just for him. If he wants to go to the kitchen (that is where he is photographed here) and the mat is not rolled out for him, he looks at me, then towards the kitchen, then at me again, like saying, 'Mom, can you lay down the mat already?'

We have reached week 7 and I am very happy with his progress. He has been walking so much better now, it's the standing up that is still giving him a bit of difficulty. Understandable.
We still take him out with the special support harness. I will continue with that until the eight weeks are over, and the x-rays have been taken. I am sure that he is ready to go for longer walks but I do not want to push him too hard.
Anyway, we are all smiles now and look forward to good results on the graphs.

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