Stitches - a different kind

Today is Day 7 of our journey with Cooper. It is harder than I thought. 

Last night was exhausting, Mona and I maybe got 2 hours of sleep. Cooper was restless and even after he received all of his medications, including 1/2 a sedative, he would not really settle down. 
I knew it would not be a quiet night. At 4am he got up and walked to the door and scratched it. He had walked on his own about 10 steps from his pillow. Of course, I took him out with an old sheet wrapped around his hip serving as a sling and he started walking everywhere, pulling me into the bushes until he finally found the right spot to relieve himself. One more time and then I guided him back inside. He was still not settling down and after 30 minutes he got up and walked toward the kitchen where he had some more business to do. 

Sorry about the details, but maybe there are other dog owners out there who are in a similar situation  with their dogs and it's always good to share the stories.
One more detail below, a picture of one of his knees and the stitches. No bandage on it since Tuesday and it seems to heal well. 

I called our vet today and told him that Cooper has been walking on his own about 10-15 steps to go to the bathroom and he said that it was ok, but to keep giving him the sedatives, so that he remains calm the rest of the day.

Well, tonight I deserve them,  I need some sleep. Sleep tight, Cooper.

Cooper's left knee/stitches

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