Cooper - recooperating

This is Cooper resting after one week. I am so glad that he sleeps a lot.

And here he is resting, sleeping and dreaming, on Day 16 (today). His stitches have been removed on Saturday and he does not have to wear the cone. One relief at least. Of course now he thinks he is healed and he wants to get up and walk. He does get up and surprise us in the kitchen, but that is only about 6 steps from his bed and I stopped panicking about that. I can't grab to support him as fast as he is trying to be close to us.

Most of his meds are finished too after two weeks, so now I do not have to give him antibiotics at midnight (I had a weird schedule, I know) and the last pills are given at 8pm now. He is a stubborn and a picky dog. It is not easy to give him a row of 6 pills as he is suspecting there is something wrong with all the treats that I am offering. From wet food, hot dogs, cream cheese to peanut butter, we have gone through them all. I am glad it is now down to three pills.

In the meantime I have found this great dog harness online called Gingerlead. A dog sling that supports the rear part of the dog. It works so much better than slinging a towel or a sheet for support. This is easy on my back too. We can walk outside for a 5 minutes or as long as it takes to get the business done. Gino is our constant companion. Six weeks to go.


  1. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I am glad he is improving. Renate

  2. Mit seinen duennen rasierten Beinen.. kleines tucktuck