A step at a time

I have not knitted much these last few weeks. It has been pretty warm and knitting is not much fun, when your hands start sweating. Also, it has been a bit stressful for me with Cooper's surgery and taking care of him afterwards. The cost of the surgery was not budgeted, definitely not, and it is worrying me too. And when I am really stressed out, I am not able to sit down and knit, which should be relaxing or I can't even take a book and read a bit. I just cannot concentrate or focus, I tend to pace and worry. I lost a few pounds because I can't eat either (not because of the pacing), which is good in a way.
At work some are thoughtful and ask how the dog is doing, others are thoughtless and I have been asked if I finally have put him down. (One conversation went: You are aware that this dog will die before you do, right?) That surprised me a little bit. Yes I know he is just a dog, but Cooper is more to us, he is part of the family. He has given us so much joy, and we have taken up the responsibility to care for him the day that we adopted him. And we will help him if he needs help. That's how we are and that's why I have a zoo at home and I would not want it any other way.

I will continue to report on Cooper's progress, because there may be other pet owners who need to go through this surgery and want to know how others have dealt with it. It is not easy to care for a 60 pound dog who cannot walk for a long time and I wanted to read about other experiences but could not find much either.

I am feeling much better now and last weekend I even went out with friends and enjoyed some good company and good food. One of the girls constantly checked us in on Facebook wherever we went. Now everyone can keep track of each other. Don't know if that is a good thing or not.
I also picked up my knitting, one of the projects being "Hey Teach". I finished the first sleeve, (made it a bit longer than the instructions say) and cast on the second one last night. I have done a few things differently from the original pattern, and I will list that when I write down the final project summary here and on Ravelry.

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