“I sustain myself with the love of family.” 
― Maya Angelou

I have a Facebook account.
Yes, in the beginning I was very excited to hook up with so many of my old friends and aquaintances. But I was never really actively posting anything on my wall. I'd read up on other people's status and stay informed. I would comment on their updates, when they got married or moved or celebrated a milestone. Or I would share something exciting, like a graduation or promotion.

Lately I have noticed that parents send out high praises to their kids or kids let their parents know that they are the best mom or dad ever....  I don't know why this has been annoying me.  Am I jealous?
Maybe because I do not write anything on my kid's wall? Nor do they write on mine?

We talk at the dinner table or on the phone. We celebrate our birthdays together, waking up in the morning to congratulate each other.
I do not need to write on anyone's wall what an amazing daughter or son I have, for all my friends to see. They just are amazing and I tell them every now and then how proud I am.
And I know I am a good mother, when my 25 year old daughter walks up and just gives me a hug for the sake of a hug.
Facebook, I do not need to prove anything!

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