I have not been excited about any knitting projects for a while now. Working away on a few, just trying to finish them, the first excitement of a new project dwindling with time and rows.
Then I came across Iced on via Ravelry.
I have been looking for a pattern for this yarn, the Bernat Denimstyle of which I had bought two skeins last year at the Yarn Designers Boutique on my weekend trip in Big Bear. I wanted to knit a comfy warm sweater or jacket. And I wanted to find a top-down raglan pattern.
I am not very fond of knitting garments, I never seem to get the sizing right, which is my own fault as I never really check if the gauge is correct. I try to wing it and then of course they do not turn out the way I expect them to. And I hate knitting two sleeves and attaching them to the body.
With a raglan pattern, I do not mind finishing the two sleeves, their stitches just waiting on scrap yarn for me to knit them. I can try on the raglan project and see how far I still have to go, how it fits my body, do I need to decrease one more at the waist or maybe not.

This I can do, so this pattern caught my eye and I cast on. Again I did not check the gauge beforehand, but was lucky that it matched (after I had knitted about 5 inches, I checked).  The two skeins are bringing me as far as 10 inches measured from under the arm. In the meantime, I have contacted a Raveler and asked to buy her stash of Bernat Denim. A fast exchange of messages, Paypal transaction and seven additional skeins were in my mailbox. Thank you Emily.
Finally a project that got me all excited again.


Raglan Pullover sind eher mein Ding, wenn es um das Stricken eines Bekleidungsstuecks geht. Ich bevorzuge eigentlich Tuecher und Schals zu stricken. Ab und zu aber faellt mir eine Knaeuel in die Haende, was perfekt waere als Pullover oder Jacke. So auch das Bernat Denimstyle, was ich in Big Bear gekauft hatte. Leider nur zwei Knaeule, aber das ist ja kein Problem, denn ich habe mir ueber Ravelry auf super schnellem Weg noch sieben dazu gekauft. Nun bin ich eifrig dabei die Jacke "Iced" zu stricken. Ein schnelles Projekt mit 8mm Nadeln, die mich schon ca. 16 cm unter Armauschnitt gebracht haben.

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