I love Danish pastries. I remember that we had a bakery in Tehran, not far from the office where I worked. They were also called 'Danish' in Farsi, actually "Denmarki". I loved those with the afternoon tea that was passed around in the office. The Danish that I find here never had the same taste, they are too heavy, too greasy. So I thought one Sunday afternoon, why don't I try making them myself. 
Let's go the obvious route first with frozen pastry dough. That's easy. So I rolled out the thawed dough and cut it into squares. Added jam on some and a teaspoon of pudding on others, folded the corners in, sprinkled some with chocolate chips and some with almond slices and baked them at 400 for 15 min, or until browned. Yummy, well, almost the same. But still they were light and tasted great. And they were gone in a New York minute.

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