Baby Hat

After all this time, the only project that I finished was a baby hat. I like the simple pattern of the Easy-Peasy baby hat. And there is always so much left-over yarn in my stash that can be used for a baby project.

The hat went to little Jeremiah. He is 6 weeks old and a lucky little boy. A co-worker of mine has adopted him and she is so happy to now be a proud mom of this cute little bundle.

We had a baby shower at the office for her and it was a joy watching her feeding him with the bottle. I wondered how she felt. Does the motherly instict kick right in? She did not experience the 9 months of pregnancy and the advanced bonding that could take place during that time. How does she cope with the sleepless nights? I always thought that hormones prepare a mom and kind of sync her with the baby's sleep rythm.
On the other hand, it's good that she does not have that hormonal swing and post-partum depression.
I was afraid to ask, we are not very close.
She is very happy and the baby is very lucky and while I was knitting the hat for him a few nights ago, I sent them both good thoughts with every stitch.

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