Spring is here?

What a beautiful weekend in San Diego. It was in the 80s today, we were completely spoiled by sunshine.

The hummingbird that claimed our feeder was very active and aggressive today. No other birds were allowed even close to the feeder and I was inspected thoroughly too. He flew right up to my face when I stepped out on the patio with the phone to my ear, talking to my parents. His wings make this deep buzzing whirling sound, my dad calls them Whirleybirds.

It was a good day to start some patio gardening. Well, I actually have to clear all plants that I have placed in front of our condo entry because we have to remove everything as they are redoing the landscaping in the whole complex and turning it into a drought resistant, native plants, kind of landscape. So far the areas that are completed look really nice. I just put in a request that I do not want a very huge plant in front of the patio though. That would keep the sunlight out and I like a bright living room.

It's all container gardening for me here. Today I created a little forest. It has to include a toadstool, a little gnome and a fairy. It's filled with ferns and some colorful foliage.


I have removed the old rusty fence in the meantime. Looks better without it.
I will try to keep track of the landscaping progress outside and of my set-up on the patio with pictures.
I found this blog "66 square feet"  worth bookmarking.  Container gardening tips, recipes and interesting articles.

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