One, two, three, four, five books

I am currently reading five books. I do keep the stories apart though, but do you think that is weird? No wonder I have the most obscure dreams at night.

  • On my nightstand: The Tiger's Wife - Tea Obreht
    • Just started this and enjoying the first few chapters. She is such a young author and a great storyteller. It takes place post-war in the Balkans and tells the story of Natalia and her grandfather. 
  • On the dining room table: Green Heart - Alice Hoffman
    • Ah, yes, my favorite author. This is two novels in one and such a wonderful tale. 
  • On my desk at the office: A Time to Kill - John Grisham
    • Yes, I have seen the movie (with hot Matthew McC) but reading the book is different. I have never read anything by Grisham before - The Firm is next.
  • (Pardon me) in the bathroom: Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert
    • A woman's spiritual journey after her divorce. I thought it could be boring, but to my surprise, I really like her journey. I can relate to many of her thoughts. I think her description of God in Chapter Three is the description that I agree with and understand.
  • On my Kindle: Morgue Drawer Four - Jutta Profijt
    • Meh, I should have gotten the original German version, it is weird in a way, because I can feel the German tone, but I am reading it in English and it does not go together. The story is fun, where the ghost of a thief tries to convince the coroner to help him solve his death. Nice twist.
For my Filofax friends. I keep a Book Review page in my FF (under Project/Words tab) - download the template here - for the current book I am reading, well now it should be five, but I have just started this. After I am done with the book, I think I will place the review page between its pages. For Kindle books I could keep the notes I made in the Domino FF. I like that idea.

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