My Filofax Siena

So, here I am, trying to write a review on the Siena, when at this moment my Filofax friends are reviewing the new models on the market.
Ahh, but the beauty of this binder. It makes me smile, it makes me happy. I carry it with me most of the time. I take it out of my bag in the morning and put it on my desk at work. Although I work with multiple Outlook calendars all day, I use my Filofax only for my personal appointments (these do not go into Outlook as we all share our calendars at work).
The leather is soft but robust. The imprint says antiqued leather, well that is what the binder will be one day. I expect to use this binder for many years, so it will get a scratch or two (I hope not more) and it looks as if it could withstand that.

Antiqued Leather

It seems that many do not find the outside zip pocket that attractive or useful. In my opinion it does not make the binder look bulky but rather sophisticated. My idea is to take a couple of bandaids and painkillers from our First Aid box at the office - it's these little individual packets which fit perfectly into the external pocket  - I suggest guys should use it for carrying a condom or two ;-).

External Pouch

You can see very detailed stitching on the external pouch and zipper, (the zipper pull is a little leather braid), and on the inside flaps and pockets. It has two penholders, not expandable material, but again same leather. Although the left loop is a bit larger than the right hand loop, perfect.

Stitch Details

The tabs are creme colored and have the same sections as my old German tabs that I have been using for years. So time to renew them. It came with an Italian diary which I will not be using. So time to set things up.

Inside on the left you find four card pockets and a full length slip pocket. On the right, two card pockets and a full length slip pocket. The back behind these pockets is not fabric or other material, but again the same wonderful espresso colored soft leather.
I like the golden rings, but feel there may be a slight snag when turning pages, but this could be because I have stuffed it with all my paper and it may be too full to comfortably turn them. I will continue to test this.
The Siena lies flat when opened.

All in all, I am very pleased with my choice. Could the Siena be too masculine? Well not for me. There is a reason it is named SienA, right? Too bad this line has been discontinued. I would love to get a bag or wallet in the same material.
More pictures to follow on my set-up.


  1. Marie6:13 AM

    Its so good to see a review of the Siena.
    I have one in the A5 cinnamon and love the feel and quality of the leather - it's so soft!
    Like your idea for the front zip. Mine has a few business cards. I can even fit my mobile phone in there if I place it carefully, bypassing the zip!
    Here's another Siena post that you may like that I recently came across:

    1. Thank you Marie, yes the Siena has a great feel to it. I will check out that post.