A Filofax Siena Journey

I have always wanted to replace the Personal Domino with a leather Filofax. I actually like my Domino, it holds an immense amount of binder paper in its 25mm rings (I think that is the ringsize) and loose notes and cut-outs can be stacked on top of the diary and will be held in place with the elastic band closure.
I have been carrying the Domino with me for a few months now and I notice that the wear on the faux leather material does not look that great. It seems as if I am slowly scraping off its nice blue color with a nailfile. Maybe it is my nailfile in my big tote-like bag that is rubbing against it. Who knows. 

My motto is, if you buy a new handbag, then choose a leather one that will keep and age nicely with use. So why not get a leather Filo, too?
Well, first of all, it is a luxury, then again, I do not splurge on anything else and this is my 'fixation'. Then, there are too many to choose from which makes it so difficult. 
So, there seem to be favorites among the Filofax lovers, like the Malden and the Finsbury, both available in beautiful colors, lots of purple hues on the websites now. 
Then there are Designer FFs like the amazing Temperley London (read a review here ), which I could never afford. And now for spring they have come up with some new colorful styles, probably not in leather though. More on these here (All links from Philofaxy, my favorite blog to read.). 

I do not recall when and where I saw the Siena. It caught my eye immediately and that is the one that I wanted. As I am not much into color, I am more for the blue, brown, gray, black, the espresso brown of the Siena is the perfect match for me. I tried to find a detailed review on it to understand how large the rings are, if it would lie flat etc. But I never saw a full review. The Siena is an old model which has been taken off the market. I was not able to find a full description on a Filofax website or on eBay. I have found a few comments on its soft leather or the fact that the zipper was not that attractive.  I searched and searched for a long time. And when I put my mind to something, I usually do not give up (I wish I could apply this to other areas in my life, ha ha). Then I remembered to check out the other country websites and found one at 50% discount on the Italian webpage. Wow, I was jumping up and down in my seat. An email was sent off to my sister in Germany on February 9th and she purchased it right away. So from Italy to Germany, then back it went to the post office to be sent to the US and it arrived here yesterday, twenty days later. 

It was packaged nicely and look at that beautiful pouch. I hesitated to open it, fearing that I might be disappointed when I see the real thing.

No, I love it. It was the right decision and this one will hopefully stay with me for a long time (or until I crave another model)....

I will review the Siena in the next post with more pictures. I don't know if anyone is interested in the details of a model that has been discontinued (just checked Filofax Italia and it's not on their website anymore), but maybe there is someone out there, just like me, looking for their perfect match.

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