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My dear journal and Filofax lovers. I have finally bought the often mentioned 'Frixion' pen by Pilot. I saw a multi-color pack at Target for $5 and could not resist. Of course I bought two so I have all six colors and there were only these two packs left on the display rack, so I had to grab both, right? And yes, they are great. 

 They fit perfectly into the pen loop of my personal Domino and write smoothly without bleeding on the Filofax Diary pages. Same goes for the other different paper types which I have ripped out of unused and unwanted journals and cut to size for my Filofax, the pens write perfectly. 

I played around here with the different colors by writing down the lyrics of the song Secrets by One Republic. Nice Cello introduction, that got me hooked to the song. 
The creme colored paper is not Filofax paper but from some random journal book that I found at work and that I am re-using now. 

I also could not resist taking the 'Liquid Pencil by Sharpie'. This one did not convince me that much. It writes smoothly but I have to give it steady pressure to have a clear dark line on any paper. It seems to write erratically, if you can say that about a pencil. It does erase easier and cleaner than a regular pencil. Now I just have to choose which color of pen to put into the loop.

Do you use a multi-functional pen/pencil that you like? You know, the pen and pencil two-in-one. Or three-in-one.  I would be interested to find out if any of the FF users have a specific one they prefer that fits nicely into the (unfortunately non-expandable) FF loops.

Have a great week.

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