Filofax separation

I love my Filofaxes, don't get me wrong, but it has been some time now that I wanted a leather binder.  And to be able to afford one, I have decided to sell some that I do not use at all or that did not work for me. I really have to stop keeping unused journals and diaries on my bookshelf, I know some of you can't hear this, but I really have to downsize my stuff.
I love my Domino, it is great. Although many do not like the elastic band, I actually prefer the band, because you can stuff the binder and it expands easily. I have also craved a real leather binder for so long, and that is why I decided to sell some of my binders to be able to buy one.  I have had an eye on the Siena for some time, and now that it is not available anymore, I want it. (My timing has always been this way). I have searched like crazy and unfortunately have also encountered a webpage that seems to be out of service.
I ordered the Siena Personal from but I am almost afraid to say that this webstore has gone out of business. No response from the customer service after several emails and to my horror, no way to contact them by phone. The numbers are not in service anymore. I have put in a dispute with PayPal, so I hope that this can be resolved.

I searched on and after two days I thought, well why don't I check out the European Filofax sites and low and behold, there it was at half price on the Italian site. So I have asked my sister (again) to order the Personal Siena  Espresso, from Italy.

Do you know the feeling, when you have just ordered something you wanted so badly, and can't wait to get, you start reading all about that item wherever you find an article about it? So I have been browsing the web to see how other users liked the Siena, how they set it up and what other comments they have. I think this is called obsession.

I am taking it even further. I have been looking for a nice dark brown leather shoulder bag that will be carrying the Siena. Yeah, that's how crazy I get. Now I just have to deal with the wait. Patience, my friend.

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