Can you use it in a sentence?

Have you done this before? ripped a project, just to cast it back on. Or even worse, dropped the stitches (900+) with the intent to frog it, but then regret it and slip them back on to the knitting needles because the pattern does not look that bad after all.
Yes, I have done my share of counterproductive actions. Counterproductive is defined as "thwarting the achievement of an intended goal - tending to defeat one's purpose".  Oh yes, both definitions are so spot on. Thwarting, what a great word. I wanted to take the knitting project and thwart it against the wall. I know, that does not make any sense, but it sounds good.

In the meantime I have a grip back on it. The pattern is called Romantic Ruffle Scarf. It sounded easy enough. You cast on 82 stitches (I cast on 112) and increase every 5th row by knitting into the back and front of each stitch in that row, doubling your stitches. You do that four times and you have over 1000 stitches in the end that you need to bind off loosely.
I knit every row (garter stitch) instead of knit one row, purl next (stockinette stitch). And that is what made me take that crazy step. I was not sure if the garter stitch would ruffle the scarf. When I pulled out the knitting needles (a three second decision) I did see a nice ruffle. It took me ten minutes to decide to keep the scarf the way it was and it took me much longer to slip those stitches back onto the needles. Totally counterproductive and worth a thwart over the head.

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