Starting a new knitting project

I have finished the scarf I knitted for my son. He has moved back to Germany last week and we are sad and also happy for him. I am glad that I had two weeks with him here at home doing fun stuff, enjoying the great weather we had during the holidays and cooking some of his favorite meals. The scarf will hopefully keep him warm. No additional pictures were taken as his departure was hectic in the end as these kind usually are.

My daughter's cowl is also done. Unfortunately I could not finish it on time for her New Year's Eve trip to Big Bear. Too bad. But there will be more trips this winter and currently the temperatures have dropped here too. So I am sure that there will be many occasions to wear this wonderful cowl.
It drapes nicely around the neck and feels soft and airy. I will post pictures as soon as she is willing to model.

Browsing through knitting pages and patterns I found this wonderful new edition of Wool People, Vol. 2 by Brooklyn Tweed. It holds a collection of original knitting patterns by a group of designers for Brookly Tweed yarns. I fell in love with the shawl Winnowing by Bristol Ivy and ordered the pattern right away. My fingers were itching to knit a swatch and get started. I have not yet used their yarns but hope to be able to purchase some of the Loft yarn on day. I love their colors.
Now for Winnowing I will use what I have and in this case I chose the two skeins of Regia Classic 4-ply in charcoal gray that I had purchased during my trip to Germany in 2009. I swatched with a 3.5 mm 36 inch circular needle and although this is a sock yarn and it does not feel that soft, the pattern stitch gives it some air and makes the swatch feel softer than I had expected. So it's a go and I have cast-on and finished the first chart already.  This is a project I look forward to knit at the end of a stressful day at work.

Otherwise, January is what it is. It's a long month and it has never been my favorite time of the year. Kind of an anti-climax to the holiday season and on top of it, we were struggling with my son's departure. It has been hard on me, being the typical mother, but I think it has even been harder on my daughter who misses her brother now so much. Of course we shall be visiting but that may not be for a long time. Thanks to today's technology we are closer than we ever thought it would be possible.

And then I think of my parents and grand-parents, how they dealt with separation in the past. My parents left Germany in 1958 to live in Tehran, which was not a popular destination at the time or for many years to come. I am sure that the letters sent by mail were eagerly awaited on both sides.
Today we can phone on a daily basis and skype whenever we want to see each other too. How great is that.

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  1. Skype is just amazing , we use it all the time to keep in touch with family far away . There's nothing like hearing the voice and now seeing the person too . Beats snail mail and long distance phone calls...