Camels? Really? I saw two camels while driving along Rte 67 in Ramona (this picture is from the web not from Ramona). They were standing there on a pasture. I wanted to stop but there was no shoulder to park and a few cars were right behind me, so I drove on, turning my head back to see if I had really seen right. And then there was the sign, so I was right:
Oasis Dairy Farm (Camel Milk). That definitely is a destination for me next time.

Ramona is always worth a short road trip. Antique stores, Ramona Cafe (great breakfasts and it was on Guy's DDD), Dudley's Bakery and most of all the wonderful nature. You drive through rolling hills and pastures and it was just such a great day today, in the 80s, can you believe it?
Of course, I had to stop at a bead store and check it out. Here is what I got there:

The seed beads and the leather bands are from the bead store. The peace pendants, carved out of stone, I found at the bakery. Weird huh?

Of course I had to buy a few of their wonderful breads. It is a bakery after all. I could not resist the 'Asiago Cheese and Oliv'e rolls, the 'Baja Jalapeno' bread' and the 'German Black" bread. Yes I am such a bread addict. Probably my German side. They will go into the freezer. Just take out a few slices and they will thaw out in a few minutes.
It was a great day and I look forward to many more weekend road trips.

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