Rainy weekend

It rained yesterday and it was cold too, well as cold as it could get here in San Diego. A perfect day to stay inside and do some de-cluttering. My list showed kitchen spice cabinet and recipe collection. Good, I could do that. My daughter had given me this great spice rack for Christmas and I might as well set it up.
This is one of those 'As-Seen-on-TV' swivel spice racks and it really works great. I had to arrange it so that it sits in the center of the cabinet.

This way there is enough space for it to be pulled out and swiveled to the left or right.

I have also thrown out old spice bottles, washed out empty jars and refilled them from packages.  I labeled them with the German and English name for each. The rack holds 20 bottles and I tried to choose only those spices that I use constantly and now they are arranged alphabetically. Let's see how long that will last. But it looks great and I feel great about it too.

I should have taken a before picture but I always forget. There were so many loose pages of recipes which I had torn from magazines and just stuffed right there between the spice jars. I hoped that I would try out one or the other recipe some time, but I actually never did. So I threw most of them away. I can always find them online and add them to Evernote or Springpad, depending on which site works best for me (have not figured that out yet). I kept a few and added them to a binder that my daughter started. (I told her to start early and then she would not end up with a mess like mine). If we do not cook a specific recipe within a few months, it will be tossed.

For dinner I made a big pot of lentil soup, added some Louisiana HotLinks, a perfect meal for a cold day.

And today, Sunday started out great. After a nice long walk with the dogs, breathing in all that clear fresh cold air after a rainy day, I made myself a big breakfast and enjoyed a nice hot pot of coffee. Scrambled eggwhites, topped with sprinkles of cheese and chives. Cut up fruit of strawberries, kiwi and banana. Coffee beans were given to me by one of M's friends: Guatemala Antigua (cocoa and soft spice) from Starbucks, tastes pretty good.
And my task now? Sort through a big stack of magazines and see if there is a recipe that I can keep.

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