Filofax do-over

Filofax disaster
Previously I posted a Mini-Video which was titled 'A Reminder of the Important Things in Life'. I liked its simplicity and I needed that reminder. I found it on Google+ and had to send it out to my friends because I am sure everyone needs a reminder to stop and smell the roses once in a while. The last picture says, 'Be true to yourself'.
This is the direction I am going in 2012. I am going to be Me. I do not want to compete with anyone or anything and I am not going to change just to please someone else. It is going to be just plain Me. I have always been Me on the inside, so now it is also going to be Me on the outside. Sorry if you don't like Me.....

This 'being true to myself' is going to be applied to many areas in my life. One is my Filofax, of all places.
Yes, I am sorry to say my Filofaxes were a disaster. I was tempted and had bought a few wonderful binders in different sizes but actually none of them were working for me and I just did not want to admit it.
I really wanted it to work. I wanted to use a Botanic or Domino Italia Pocket that would fit perfectly into my purse and I wanted the Finsbury Mini in green as the perfect wallet.
Then temptation struck again and I started searching for other binders, I wanted a nice leather binder in Pocket size. eBay did not have any special offers listed. Nothing was on sale. I searched one week long, calculating if I really should be spending money on another Pocket size. Well, I am so glad that I did not, because I have to admit, I am a One-Binder Person. Yes, I am.  I cannot divide my pages over several binders, carrying some information with me, while other pages are in my wallet and others again at home. No, that is just not how I am organized, if at all.
So, I have emptied my Finsbury Mini and my Domino Italia Pocket and have stored them in my desk. Maybe I will part with them and post them on eBay, for now I still want to keep them.Same with the two Botanics, one in pink and one in green that I had intended to try out instead of the Domino Pocket to see if they would grow on me, but as they did not, into the desk they went.

Now I am left with my Domino Personal and again I am re-arranging the dividers, this time I am going back to the way it used to be, maybe it was a long time ago, but it worked for me then and it still does now (I hope).

Opening the Domino it lies flat. The slots on the left inside have not been assigned yet. The binder pages begin with a clear plastic sheet which covers a monthly page that I print through Outlook (see instructions here).

This is an overall view of the month, where I note upcoming events as a reminder. The page will be thrown out and replaced with the next month in time. Six color dividers follow (which I still had from an older German version):

  • Kalender/purple (Diary): Wo2P with lines. One ToDo page is put between the current week and moved along until completed or full. Thanks to Tracy, who had given me that hint.
  • Notizen/orange (Notes): This is my catchall, when I see something I would like to buy or an idea, it goes there. My first page shows haircolor that I may want to use next time (I have been purging all my magazines and cut out stuff I wanted to keep).
  • Projekte/green (Projects):  - not much translating is needed, right? So this section is sub-divided into:
    • Yarn (everthing about knitting and crafts), 
    • Words (quotes, vocabulary), 
    • Books (books, duh), 
    • Food (recipes, wines, restaurants), 
    • Travel (destinations, maps), 
    • H&G (home and garden projects)

  • Informationen/yellow (Information): important phone numbers, current prescriptions, pets, cars
  • Finanzen/blue (Finances): budget notes, expenses, some bank info encrypte
  • Adressen/red (Adresses): A-Z dividers listing my contacts, going way back too.

And at the end I give you:
Pocket Zip Envelope:  stamps
Pocket Envelope: concert tickets and other memorabilia
Assorted Sticky Notes

Wow, this has turned into a large post. I am curious how long I will hang on to this system. But somehow it makes me feel good and I love tweaking it here and there. It's just so Me.

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