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I started "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert last night and by chapter two I was hooked. Actually, I just got to chapter five and am still liking it. (I have not seen the movie and do not intend to either). I can relate to the story very much (so far) and I admire how she describes her view of God in Chapter Three, starting out with the comment, that people can decide at that point if they want to get offended or not. Nice move, as people get offended as soon as you are not of the same opinion on God and religion. Love it.
Looking forward to reading on.

And here comes a Filofax reference: Some time ago I had downloaded a template from the Philofaxy website (which is about Filofaxes in every way). Now that I have set up my Domino in a new way (again), I have added a few blank pages titled Book Review to my Books tab (makes so much sense, right?). This is the first time that I am actually using this page and I started making notes for this current book. I jotted down some quotes and personal remarks. Wow, I like the feel of this.

Prior to this I read 'The Hunger Games" trilogy by Suzanne Collins and I could not put them down. Read all three of them in a breeze. After I finished I still felt the rush and had to take a break before I started reading anything else. 
Now Eat, Pray, Love is on such a different level and such a different topic so there is no comparison here. This book will be more of a spiritual nature whereas The Hunger Games were  simply entertaining, but so worth it. I enjoyed these more than the Twilight books (forget about them, I never liked them much, but kept on reading to understand the hype about them) and even more than the Tattooed Girl I must say. I have never been much of a Young Adult Book reader. But these are just great. I hope you like them too. 
Just lent the first one to a friend through the Kindle option, so she can get a taste for them and see if she likes them. 

On weekend mornings while I am having breakfast, I read The Red Garden, by Alice Hoffman (My favorite author). I love the way she writes and her stories always have a nice magical twist to them. So do the stories in this book, which take place in a small town over a span of a few hundred years, and always includes the old tree and the red garden. A wonderful read with a cup of coffee.
Feeling good.

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