There really are miracles....

Today the most amazing thing happened. As I walked past our receptionist's desk this morning, I saw two small black and white photographs on her keyboard. I looked closer and recognized them as mine. They are the two pictures of me and my dad. The photos that I had thought I had lost. I wrote a post earlier about my dad and mentioned that I had taken two photos out of an old album to scan them and then suddenly they were gone. You know how that is, you were just holding them and you even remember that you put them in your bag, in between these papers so they would not get bent, and at that same moment you know that it was a wrong move, and suddenly they are misplaced, gone, disappeared.

The receptionist said that someone had found them and dropped them off this morning but she could not remember who it was. How can she not remember? Doesn't she know how important this is to me?

Well, I wish I knew who found the photos so that I can thank them in person.

This picture must have been taken in 1960. I could have been three. My dad at his workplace, the airport, but I think that it was on one of his days off, because he would fiddle on his own car in his free time. He took me along and I played around and pretended to fix things. He loved his cars and he refinished a 1951 Oldsmobile and it just looked wonderful after he was done. Dark red body and white top opposed to the boring pistachio green. This could be the Olds he was working on in the picture. We had an old Studebaker before the Olds and then for a while he drove around in a two-seater convertible MG, where the passenger door would not lock and my mom would have to hold on to the door to keep it shut while they were driving as it was secured only by a rope. My favorite car was the 1959 Pontiac Catalina, which we got after the Olds. We felt so special driving around with that "brand new" car in 1968. Now I got sidetracked with the old cars I still wish we had. The picture below is of me on one of the old mobile rampstairs that were used to board airplanes in the old days.

I am just so happy that the pictures are back in the album. It really is a miracle that they were found after such a long time.

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