Setting up my Filofax for 2012

From the Filofax US website

Last day at work before the holiday week, all is quiet, co-workers are chatting and walking around to wish everyone a wonderful time. For me this is the best time to set up my Filofax for 2012. I brought the new inserts that I had ordered some time in October and I am joyfully adding birthdays, important events etc. and I look busy too...
My personal Domino is still the main information center and it stays at home. I have exchanged the 2-pages-per-week calendar, this time ruled, and updated the birthdays. Not much else needs updating.

I am also working on my pocket Italian Domino - for the calendar insert I have chosen 'week per page with notes', let's see how that works. So far I like that this format is taking up less space and the FF is lighter. This is good as I stuff this one into my bag everyday.

A question was posted on Philofaxy on how to store old diaries. This year I have come up with a plan to  review my old diary before I dispose of it and jot down the major/main events of the past year on a blank notes page as a reference for the future. For example: Graduation was on  May 22, 2011, last mammogram was in Dec 2010, etc. This page will be filed in my personal Domino under the 'Information' tab. I do not need to store any of the previous years.
In regard to unused pages, refills, index pages, etc., these I store in an old ring binder and they do not take up much space.
2012 will be a good year. I can already feel it.


  1. I'm giving a week on two pages with to do sheets in between a shot. Crossing my fingers that I don't miss any doctor's appts!


  2. Tracy, that is a great idea to add To Do sheets in between. I think I will try that too.