The season has finally hit me

I  made cookies over the weekend, daughter bought a tree and we decorated it in the afternoon and hung up the lights outside. Around 6pm on Sunday I sat down and felt satisfied and remarkably comfortable with my knitting and a cheesy Hallmark Christmas Movie while the Christmas lights were sparkling around me.
The cookies are a hit at work.
First the Linzer Stars:

I found this recipe (and the next one) in Martha Stewart's Living magazine (Dezember 2011). I can't find the same recipe on-line but the link above is similar to the one in the magazine. It was pretty easy to make the dough and a bit time consuming to assemble the cookies with the berry preserve, but daughter was helping and they turned out great.

The second batch we made are the Chocolate Peppermint cookies, again the recipe is not on-line. I am sure

that any kind of chocolate cookie recipe would work here. The fun part with these was to grind up a few peppermint candy canes (I use a coffee grinder for nuts and such and it worked good for the candy too) and fill the button holes with the candy powder. It is supposed to melt and when the cookies cool off the candy hardens. They taste great and I think the two tiny buttons bring out just enough of a peppermint taste.

I still have leftover dough from both, so we will be making more cookies. Of course the traditional German cookies (Weihnachtspl√§tzchen) which I make every year Zimtsterne and Vanille-Kipferl are still on my to-do list. (the links are probably the closest to the recipe that I use which are in an old cookbook from my grandmother). If time permits, I will be glad to post my original recipe here.

Yes, the season is upon us now. Even at the office. We had a decorating competition and here are a few pictures of some really creative ideas my co-workers had.

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