A black scarf for a thirty year old boy

My oldest is thirty, which I still cannot fathom. I have not knit anything for him since he was five or six maybe. A sweater in a tan colored cotton yarn with a purple tomato on the front. I guess I did not have any red yarn and I did not run out to buy yarn when I had leftovers at home that I could use, even if they were purple. So he actually had a round eggplant on his chest, (I think they are called Oriental Eggplants). He did not complain.

He will be going on a trip soon and I thought I should knit him a nice scarf. He is a guy and wears nothing else than black or gray or denim, so I took  my three leftover black skeins of the Arcadia yarn by Cascade and cast on the One Row Handspun scarf by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

Now here is a funny thing about this pattern. I have knitted it before: A wonderful scarf for my dad in Mirasol yarn which he loves and wears a lot. But it always looked so different from the other projects pictured on Ravelry. More of a compact kind of rib pattern. I was wondering if it was the yarn that I used that made it look so tight. Well, to my total surprise I discovered that I had made a huge mistake in my dad's scarf and I do not know why I had knit the pattern that way. I omitted the two knit stitches completely and I still have no clue why I read the pattern that way.
Well, today I think I am knitting my son's scarf the right way and it looks great. I hope he will like it and not complain just like a nice five, em.... thirty year old good boy.

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