A weekend walk

Lake Poway

Just a few weekends ago I met up with my walking group (former co-workers) at Lake Poway. We meet every now and then to catch up on our lives and gossip about others'. :-) The weather was great, still cool in the morning, just perfect for walking. The lake is located north-east of San Diego, just a few minutes from where we live. It is not a large lake, but popular for its trout fishing season and the adjacent park for family picnics. We hiked along the multiple trails and by the time we were back on the parking lot ($5 to park, thought I'd mention that) it was getting hot again.  I took the picture on our half way point. Afterwards we really deserved the great Einstein bagel with shmear.

This time Eileen handed me a bag with some yarn she had found while decluttering at home. Four skeins of natural cotton yarn, and two in dark green, among others. Can this packaging look anymore 80s? Yes, I used to have big hair like that too. I remember having knit a little sweater for my son with similar yarn, so that was over 25 years ago. Could this yarn be that old too? It does not show. It looks just like new.

Great, I am in-between projects anyway and this could be an easy and fast knit. I was thinking of a sleeveless top that I would give back to Eileen when done. Let's see how I will do with my own design.

For now I have done the following, which I will continue to update:

4.0 mm circular needles
Cast on 95 stitches (long tail cast-on)
Knit uneven rows, Purl even rows (stockinette stitch)

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